Investing Strategies

Modern investing strategies tend to be short-term, complex and high cost, providing the worst of all worlds for investors. High-turnover strategies have a poor record of adding value. Short-termism appeals to our own hubris and increases transaction costs; transferring money from the end investor to the financial community.

Although the investment theory on which diversification has been based is sound, it’s too often used as an excuse for people who don’t know where to invest. The result has been over-complex portfolios that invest everywhere and fail to deliver! So what is the answer?

Long-term macro investing strategies are the most powerful asset allocation technique available. As I show in the articles below, the compounding affect from being in the right asset class at the right time has produced tremendous returns and is incredibly simple.

Long-term investing strategies almost eliminate transaction costs and the need for expensive and sophisticated advice. Thus giving investors a leg-up, even before the superior returns of these strategies are taken into account. The articles below outline some of the investing strategies available.

Aug 032012
Deflation Investment Strategy

What is the best deflation investment strategy? We first need to define what deflation is and assess how likely it is to take place. Although it’s relatively easy to find the best deflation investment strategy, the hard decision would be when to deploy it. Governments and central banks around the world will do almost anything [...]

Aug 012012
China Investment Strategy

Many investors see the growth potential in China, but do you have a China Investment Strategy? It’s certainly important to know where you are going to invest, but equally important to know the right vehicle to invest in to maximise returns. Investment theory would say that you can capture the most return by investing in [...]

Jul 312012
Quantitative Investment Strategy

Have you ever considered an investment strategy that allows you to value an asset, right down to the stock-specific level, with little or no knowledge of the company? Well, quantitative investment strategy may be your answer. With a relatively small amount of information, you can exploit a range of simple, profitable and persistent anomalies through [...]

Jul 302012
The Best Investing Strategy

I’m about to discuss an investing strategy that will blow your socks off. Not only would this have been the best investing strategy in terms of returns, but it would also have been almost completely transaction cost and stress fee. It involves only two assets and only three transactions OVER 40 YEARS. Power of Simplicity [...]